“I have been fishing in Argentina many times and own a hunt & fishing lodge. A couple of years ago went to Canada; but there is nothing compared to Cano Negro regarding the multispecies variety and quantity of hits during the day! There is no other place like it and this year I will return with 14 other fishing buddies in September 2016! Can´t wait to be there!!!”
Ezequiel Piatti, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We live in Houston, Texas and have been going to Cano Negro three times already with my wife Barbara, we were sad to hear previous owner, Molina was finalizing his agreement with the natives. We are pleased to know that Mr Aponte will continue to work for five and more years with the fishing lodge! We just came back this August 2016 and had a heck of a time with many payaras, peacocks, surubi, etc. We hope that he continues and recommended small details to keep improving one of the finest places for fishing ever met! An excellent program of cast & blast highly recommended!!
Steve and Barbara Roberts, Houston, Texas

“I have been going to Cano Negro since 2006 when there was only one cabin and bathroom; today is a complete different lodge which offers international cooks, great cabins and professional guides! I celebrate that my friend Roberto Aponte has takeover and encourage him the illusion of having the finest lodge for fishing in the Amazon! I will be back with spanish buddy Vicente and other Argentinians this September 2016 to visit one more time this paradise! I own a hunting lodge in Toledo, Spain and combines perfectly in my varios adventure excursions!”
Carlos Sanchez Horneros, Madrid, Spain

I have had the chance to fish in plenty of great fisheries world wide in both fresh and salt water. The Uniqueness of Caño Negro Lodge is that the rainforest is amazingly preserved and one may see and hear everything from howler monkeys, to macaws, giant black caiman, and even jaguars! The bite in Caño Negro is extremely consistent and the population and variety of sportfish is Amazing!!! Catching up to 12 or 14 different varieties of sportfish is not uncommon. My favorite way to fish is to cast flies on the sand flats where one can see the fish with some good polarized lenses. This way you can see and choose the fish you wish to catch! Dont Miss Your Chance of seeing the Jungle still untouched with Amazing fishing and great service!
Tommy Kuljis, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

For sheer numbers of fish and variety of species, no other location in the world offers better fishing then Caño Negro Lodge in the Bolivian Amazonas region. Here, the might saber-tooth payara – river tiger of South America – offers the thrilling, tackle-busting fishing experience of a lifetime. Hailed as “tarpon on steroids” they range from five to twenty-five pounds and can exceed 50 pounds! These river and lagoon systems have the highest concentrations of peacock bass found anywhere on earth. The peacocks range from three to twelve pounds and it is common for an anger to land 20 to 40 explosive-hitting peacocks a day! Other excellent gamefish include brawny pacu up to thirty pounds, brilliant yatoranas, muturos and surubi (giant catfish). An anglers dream!
JW & Dawn Smith