• Welcome to our fishing lodge, the wildest reserve sanctuary where the adventure begins as soon as you arrive and you wish you never had to leave!!
  • Our cabins are hand-built by the local natives using wood and Patuju leaves from the surrounding forest!
  • The Cayman Bar, stocked with many tropical drinks, is our refuge after a long sunny day! Here we trade stories about our day out in the river and compare who caught the biggest fish!
  • An alternative lodging option includes our huge tents under the trees, with comfortable double beds and a/c!

Welcome to Caño Negro, the wildest fishing lodge in the Amazon

The lodge has 10 years of success catching peacock bass, payaras (vampire fish), corvinas, sardinatas, pacu, and piranhas during the day. At sunset, we catch giant catfish such as muturo, red-tail catfish, and surubi (striped catch fish)! We have been nicknamed the “Jurassic Park of the Amazon”!!

Fishing Programs:

  • 4 days fishing
  • 5 days fishing
  • 7 days fishing
  • Cast & Blast 3 days fishing and 3 days hunting dove & pigeons
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    Flight Options

  • Option 1 - Fly to Miami (MIA), then take American Airlines from Miami (MIA) to Viru Viru (VVI) arriving at 8:00am in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Option 2 - Fly to Panama City (PTY), then take COPA Airlines to Viru Viru (VVI) arriving at 10:00pm
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    All inclusive

    Our lodge offers tropical cabins with A/C and hot water. All food (prepared by our international cook) & beverages (beer, wine, vodka, and whiskey) are included, along with boats, guides and fishing gear (if you enjoy fly fishing, please bring your own fly fishing equipment) We also have lures, spoons, and hooks available for purchase.

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    Fishing Techniques

  • What technique should I use to catch peacock bass?
  • What technique should I use to catch payara?
  • What technique should I use to catch catfish?

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    During the day you can catch multiple payaras, a 10 to 40lb saber-toothed fish.

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    Browse through our videos of the only private fishing lodge in the Amazon.

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    Fishing around territorial, 10 foot and up to 1,000 lb caymans (Amazon crocodiles), you will find 30 to 100lb catfish at night!

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    Peacock Bass

    Near the banks of the Negro and San Simon River, you can catch 30-50 peacock bass in a day!